The Role of Rotary Clubs in the Business World

The increasingly complex world of Rotary brings friendship in community, providing thus a basic human need of fellowship, one of the reasons why Rotary began, while the second reason for its beginning is development, the need for business members which can help each other as well as others. Rotary is a network of neighbors and leaders who see a world where people take action for lasting change in communities, solving problems through commitment for 110 years. Rotary is an organization of successful people, just like a college education, because it’s all about learning how to influence as leaders and members of a community, helping the citizens be more active through continuing programs which keep them informed about the community and world.


Businesses are pursuing profit, working as hard as they can and doing the same thing, but sometimes they realize they’re neglecting everything that’s meaningful and try to make a change that affects not just the personal life, but also the practices. Rotary is a fun place to be, but the members are leaders in professions such as government, military and other disciplines, and it is the most prestigious club including managers and people who influence international citizenship. If you haven’t visited the Rotary Club before, you could hire an escort, not only for her sexual services but also for company during the meeting.


1.2 million Rotarians usually gather for breakfast or dinner to develop friendships and service. In case you are interested in becoming a Rotarian, you ought to know that it is an association of autonomous clubs, and membership is important as we are eager to hear from people interested in joining the RI. From literacy to water, we are working to stay committed and learn about structure, foundation and strategic vision, because we believe that we have a responsibility on our most persistent issues, to work together for peace, clean water, hygiene, mothers, education and local economies.

Money can motivate, but can’t inspire a higher purpose, which is why in multiple industries, people are trying to practice the idea that capitalism is about the power of businesspeople to shape a better world while making money. The Rotarian’s motto is service above self, as the object is to encourage the ideal of service as a basis of enterprise and to foster acquaintance for service, ethical standards in professions and the worthiness of useful occupations. Our mission is to provide integrity and world goodwill through our fellowship of professional and leaders, connecting people with perspectives, ideas, lifelong friendships, and actions.


The reformers aren’t united, but many ideas are distilled in conscious capitalism coined by the founder of Whole Foods, and an academic who has studied companies that pursue meaning alongside, an expert in capitalism. The advancement of united in service peace and understanding through a fellowship of professionals is an objective of the “Rotary 4-Way Test”, built in order to see what is compatible with the spirit developed by Herbert J. Taylor for restoring businesses and a set of guidelines.


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