Mission of the Professional Humanitarian in Today’s Society

Going on mission is an opportunity for a high school student, which will help you in your development and provide you with an enriching humanitarian vision on the daily, as discovering a culture will help your own view and open-mind. We are a professional association in the humanitarian sector, with a vision that dignity is safeguarded in the face of crises and the mission to clearly lay out the rules and empower informed humanitarian action, focusing on practical measures to enhance the experiences, competencies and formal support of humanitarian personnel in all parts of the system. Participating in a mission helps to develop skills and it’s an opportunity to develop competencies and soft skills, while you will also be able to improve your language skills and strengthen relationships and bond.


This profile shows the requirements as a volunteer in humanitarian emergency relief, and highlights assignments and entitlements for those serving, as well as the essential task of carrying supplies and aid cargos. We are an international support for workers and organizations, trying to ensure communities by giving them life-saving advice and helping them respond to natural disasters by training aid workers, delivering in person learning programs to improve our organization performance. After a long series of missions, you might want to be confronted with other experiences, such as joining an education association as a coordinator, which employs some of the skills acquired in the last years.


Our core aim is to improve the sector through competencies, systems and by directing organizations in capacity building, wishing for world where competent personnel respond to the needs of individuals through a more effective action. Our full strategic framework and organizational strategies imply that professionals apply knowledge and effective perspectives, inspired by objective well-equipped practitioners who manage strain and resources. In the area of assistance and relief, our partners requested knowledge in resettlement, repatriation, status, community, distribution, implementation, management, recovery, office, information, logistics, transport, radio, disaster reduction, response and other operations.

The missions are a real adventure, but today the humanitarians are much more standardized and constrained by rules, and idealistic, as they are the ones who intervene in critical territories that might be inaccessible, so every day they must adapt to carry out the experience. In regards to member engagement, there is a diverse network of stakeholders, activities and widespread access to content, as well as predictable donations and a delivery of global content and communication through a technical infrastructure. A humanitarian is a coordinator who must share his experience and his personal vision, while traveling the world through international solidarity missions, representing a way of life as well as a goal.


If you are in high school, going on the field of a mission is an enriching experience, as it means opening up to the intercultural challenges of today’s world, and organizing a group mission promotes the humanitarian values through an initiative which may underline your interest in sustainable development as a way of applying educational pedagogy and making your school attractive for employees.


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