5 Things we should know about Rotarians in the Modern Era

In case you spent one-half hour to visit some of our varied articles, you might want to apply the test for the Rotary Club or submit to a program. The first Rotarians were Gustavus Loehr, Silvester Schiele, Hiram Shorey and Paul P. Harris, and on February 23, 1905, they gathered at an office of the Unity Building in Chicago for the first club meeting. There was this article published in the bulletin of the Club of California, well before Cliff Dochterman became president for 1992, called “Did Ya Know?”, prepared to share facts about members of the club in response to requests.


We have had membership for the past 3 years, so we would like to share our experience in setting up a Rotary Club through a presentation, as we have had many requests from clubs and trainings regarding the process of chartering an environment of getting a club up and running. The article may be in Rotary bulletins or Rotary weekly meetings. We think it’s worth noting that these elements were drafted up when starting the club determined by a view of what was successful, some things we knew all along, as well as some serendipitous discoveries.


  1. How to describe the organization

Rotary is an organization of professionals united who provide service, encourage ethical standards and help build peace, words which are worth remembering when it comes to a Rotary club. There are the features of internationality, classifications of vocations, goodwill and understanding, high standards and many more qualities that the Rotary International Board was interested in defining as aspects, so they turned to the three men who were serving on the Public Relation Committee. So how do you describe the many characteristics of a “Rotary Club”?

  1. An official flag was adopted in 1929

Some clubs use the Rotary flag at club meetings, where it is appropriate to print “Rotary Club” and the name of the state below the emblem, and it is always displayed at the Headquarters, conventions and international events. The four spaces on the Rotary wheel are royal blue and Rotary is printed at the bottom on the wheel in gold, while the keyways are white: the official flag was flown in Missouri, in 1915, and then a small flag was carried by Admiral Richard Byrd, from Winchester Rotary Club.


  1. Paul P. Harris from Wisconsin organized the first club

He worked odd jobs: as a salesman, on fruit farms or a cowboy, but eventually settled in a neighborhood of Chicago until his death, beginning his law practice. Paul Harris died in 1947 and 300,000 Rotarians mourned, while contributions created the Paul Harris Memorial Fund, supporting the Rotary Foundation.


  1. Rotary has become too meeting centric

His goal was a club of businessmen for fellowship, but he soon realized that they needed a greater purpose, while he served as president of the Rotary Club in 1907, initiating its public project of public toilets which transformed Rotary into the first service club it is today.

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